What makes Amber different?


Amber is a completely new business model: We use wholesale prices to rebuild trust and enable more renewables. What’s so different about that? Well, traditional retailers sell electricity at a flat price, but they all buy electricity at the wholesale price, which changes every 30 mins based on supply and demand – and is increasingly driven by the availability of renewables.

Traditional retailers turn changing wholesale prices into a flat price through expensive hedging strategies. Instead of taking a retail margin, which can be over $1,000 a year, we charge a flat fee of $10 per month to give you access to real wholesale electricity prices, allowing you to benefit from using cheaper renewable power. That means we will even pay you to use power when wholesale prices are negative.

Because we charge a flat fee, our only incentive is to help you reduce your electricity costs. This creates a model of trust and partnership - where we all can win together. We like to call it the Smart Energy Revolution. Read more on our How it Works page.

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