How will you determine my monthly bill?


With Amber you get direct access to wholesale prices for a flat fee of $10 per month. Your bill will be broken down into:

• Usage costs: We only charge you for your energy usage in each 30 min interval based on what the actual wholesale price was at that time. This means that you can save even more by shifting some of your usage to when wholesale prices are lower (as shown in our app). This component includes the wholesale energy costs (which vary every 30 mins), hedging costs, network usage costs, environmental costs and market operation costs.

• Daily Supply Charge: This includes the fixed daily network supply cost, metering costs and Amber’s $10/month fee.

 Offset: The chosen offset included in your plan (Carbon Neutral or GreenPower) so you can relax knowing your energy usage is carbon neutral.

• Solar exports: If you have solar, we will pay you for the energy you export to the grid at the actual wholesale energy price. So essentially you get paid the same amount a big generator would get (It's a little higher than that as we also pay you for loss factors and environmental costs). That means your FiT (Feed in Tariff) varies depending on when you export power and you’ll receive more during summer when wholesale prices are usually higher.

To check the average wholesale price, the average Feed in Tariff and daily supply charge for your area, check out our Pricing page.

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