Do you offer a guaranteed minimum solar FiT?


Currently we offer a guaranteed minimum FiT of 12c/kWh for VIC and 8/kWh for NSW, QLD, ACT and SA, however this will change in July 2020. The current guaranteed minimum FiT will not show up in your solar exports on your Amber app, as it is manually adjusted by us when we generate your bill. Your app is showing the true wholesale value of the solar you exported, when you exported it.

Like we do with the cost of electricity usage, we need the solar FiT to reflect what the electricity wholesale market is doing. Electricity prices are very low at the moment as the country's demand has declined with businesses and industry slowing down due to COVID-19. Ultimately lower electricity prices will also mean lower prices for any electricity you feed into the grid.

We will inform our customers of any changes to prices ahead of time. 


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