What is Amber's Feed-in Tariff (FiT)?


Amber has no fixed Feed-in Tariff (FiT). Instead, our real-time FiT is driven by the 30 minute wholesale price of energy. This is similar to how commercial operators are compensated for their generation, where supply and demand rules the day.

You can see the historical average monthly FiT in your area on our Pricing page.

We also pass through any government premiums on your FiT, in addition the 30 minute wholesale price of energy.

Why is the FiT different to the wholesale usage price?

Your FiT with Amber is the same amount that we pay the generators - the wholesale price of energy. We then need to pay additional costs to use the poles and wires, to deliver that power to your home. These cost of delivery fees are not included in your FiT.

When does Amber's FiT tend to be highest?

A few times a year, the wholesale price of electricity goes through the roof. This happens mainly on the hottest days of Summer, when aircons around the nation are running full bore and putting strain on the grid.

Meanwhile, rooftop solar is absolutely drenched in sunlight, helping to meet all the crazy demand.

With a traditional retailer, you'd get the same old FiT you normally do.

Amber's different. With us, your FiT can skyrocket during times when the grid needs you most.

We see many customers with solar briefly earning a FiT in excess of $1 per kWh during periods of peak demand.

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