How does billing work if I cannot get a smart meter?


There are two main things to note here.

The first is because your basic or interval meter cannot send data remotely we need to wait for someone to complete a manual meter read which happens every 3 months, therefore you will be invoiced quarterly rather than monthly as with a smart meter.

With this, it's worth noting that whilst an interval meter will record detailed usage, a basic meter only tracks your total consumption. As a result usage data will only be sent to your app quarterly if you have an interval meter. If you're billed on a basic meter then we'll provide your total consumption for the period on the bill. 

The second point is that we do not have your energy usage broken into 30 minute segments, like we do with a smart meter. Your bill will be based on your actual total usage and the estimated proportions over the day. These estimates are used by the market operator to charge us, so we just pass these costs straight through. You can read more about that here.

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